What is required

The Green Freight Europe program is a program established and driven by its members. The program is hosted by the Secretariat at the European Shippers Council in Brussels.

The program offers opportunities to European companies who:

-          become a member,

-          calculate and report operational data,

-          demonstrate strategy, targets and progress, and;

-          improve performance.


Member companies can further activate their membership by joining workshops and groups that contribute to further development of the programme.

-          Multimodal working group

-          Methodology and tool working group

-          Communication; representing GFE at external events

-          Steering group


The membership fees for Green Freight Europe are:

Regular Members


Type of company

Annual Turnover

Annual fee

Very Small

< €2,5 M



€2,5 M - €5 M



€5 M - €10 M



€10 M - €40 M


Very Large new!

> €40