Why should YOU become a member?

By joining GreenFreight Europe now, your company or organization would:

  • Be one of the leaders developing the program, and driving sustainable road freight transportation in Europe

Shippers, carriers and logistics service providers joining GreenFreight Europe will be 'ahead of the curve':

  • Able to reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions.
  • Meet sustainability requirements from customers.
  • Enhance brand recognition towards climate-conscious customers.
  • Get access to standardized and validated environmental performance of carriers.
  • Get insight into their carbon emission performance with the possibility to benchmark.
  • Benefit from sharing knowledge and best practice with other companies.
  • Have the ability to incorporate sustainability criteria within the procurement of transport.
  • Access tools to measure and report the carbon footprint of their transport operations.

The program is inspired by the already successful SmartWay Partnership which was developed in the US by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and has been running since 2003 and by 2010 accounts for 30% of US road freight volume. During 2010, a group of companies piloted the concept, identified adaptations needed for the European market and recommended to further develop the program, which now evolved into GreenFreight Europe.