Sponsorship rules & principles


All companies and individuals are eligible to apply for sponsorship as long as:

  1. no conditions are imposed with the sponsorship that are in conflict with the objectives of GFE as defined in the Operating Principles.
  2. no exclusivity is required in return for sponsorship.

Sponsorship benefits

The primary offering of GFE is visibility of the sponsor among GFE members and the general public via:

  1. The GFE web-page.
  2. GFE organised events.

Sponsorship Levels

GFE is offering two levels of sponsorship.

Sponsorship level Sponsorship Fee Duration Offer
Basic € 2.500 or equivalent in kind 6 months Logo + level on GFE web-page GFE logo on sponsor's materials
Premium € 12.500 or equivalent in kind 1 year Logo + level on GFE web-page GFE logo on sponsor's materials Banner during GFE events Presentation during GFE events (open day)


Payment and cancelation policy

Full payment must be received to secure one of the selected sponsorship packages. Without full payment, GFE will not guarantee nor hold any of the applicant's selections.

Sponsorships are non-refundable and are non-transferable.

Should for any reason the sponsorship become unavailable or should other contingencies prevail, which, in the opinion of GFE, would prohibit or greatly limit attendance at a sponsored event, GFE has the right to cancel the event and/or sponsorship and shall not be liable for any expenses incurred to the sponsor. Sponsorship payment made to GFE in this case will be refundable.

The GFE Sponsorship process

  1. Applications must be submitted before the end of the month to be considered for the following month's sponsorship round.
  2. Once an application is received it is assessed by the GFE Secretariat against the sponsorship criteria. Only requests meeting the criteria and rules will be approved.
  3. After an application has been approved, the Secretariat will inform the applicant without delay and proceed to issue an invoice or make the necessary arrangements to receive the sponsorship in-kind.
  4. The time limit for the sponsorship starts as of the next calendar month after the invoice has been paid.

Submitting an Application

All sponsorship correspondence should be sent via post, email or fax to:

Green Freight Europe
Rond-Point Schuman 6
1040 Brussel, België

Phone: +31 (0) 79 346 72 18
Fax: +31 (0) 79 346 78 00

Email: info@greenfreighteurope.eu



Sponsorship is a cash and/or in-kind fee paid to an individual or organization in exchange for access to the exploitable commercial potential associated with that individual or organization.

Sponsor is an individual or a legal entity that is willing to contribute cash or in-kind to the Green Freight Europe association.

Green Freight Europe is a non-profit association filed with the commercial court, Boulevard de la 2e Armée Britannique, 148, in (1190) Brussels on 19 March 2012 under number 814515286.

GFE logo - The sponsor may use the GFE logo on his web-page and/or other printed materials. The use of the GFE logo must be according to the GFE brand guidelines.

Sponsor's logo - The logo of the sponsor will be positioned on the GFE webpage (www.greenfreighteurope.eu) with the annotation of the level of sponsorship. The logo will be placed on the home page and on a separate page called "Our sponsors".

Events -These are events such annual meetings, open days, workshops, networking events, presentations, etc. organized by GFE for its members as well as non-members and/or the general public. During these events the sponsor will have the opportunity to present to the audience and give away gifts or other marketing material. The sponsor's name will also be mentioned during the welcoming notes. The sponsorship offer is valid for only 1 event during the calendar year.

Banner - A banner with the logo of the sponsor will be placed in a visible point during the event. The placement of a banner is dependent on the nature of the event and needs to be clarified with the event organizing committee.

In-kind contribution - a contribution of goods or services that match the value of the sponsorship fee. Examples of in-kind contribution can be:

  • Consultancy services including, but not limited to:
    • helping GFE apply for EU grants;
    • helping GFE with promotional & marketing activities providing industry statistics and benchmarks;
    • fund raising;
    • ICT consultancy (how to setup carrier shop, web site, etc.).
  • Meeting/Collaboration facilities like conference rooms, audio/video conferencing, secure document sharing and other collaboration services.
  • Active endorsement of GFE in events & conferences in which GFE is not participating by itself or represented by a current member, and for which the attendees are relevant stakeholders (list of participants needs to be provided).

Consultancy services are priced based on a fix rate of 100€ per hour or at the consultant's market rate, whichever is higher. Other goods or services are priced at "fair market value", mainly based on sponsor's own (public) price list. The value of active endorsement depends on the number of relevant stakeholders reached and the means of which this endorsement takes place, and is therefore at the discretion of the GFE secretariat.