Memorandum of understanding between GFE and Lean and Green


Collaboration will lead to one uniform framework for measuring and monitoring CO2 emissions, network- and carrier performance.

Yesterday, 12 November 2013, at the "Innovation relay trade show" in Amsterdam, Peter van der Sterre, director of Green Freight Europe, and Nico Anten, managing director of Connekt ( Lean and Green), signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" to collaborate on sustainable freight transport in Europe.
Green Freight Europe and Lean and  Green have underwritten their ambition to create a joined approach for measuring the reduction of carbon emissions in freight transport in Europe. Therefore the organization respectively the programme signed a memorandum of understanding for collaboration.
The parties agree to create a common framework and definition for measuring and combining CO2 emissions, network- and carrier performance. This will allow a standardized comparison in peer groups, using primary operational  data, based on the recently published CEN prEN 16258.  
Trade and Industry
Although there are numerous initiatives, there still is not one and uniform framework for measuring and comparing Co2 emissions and performances.
Green Freight Europe, the independent and voluntary program for improving environmental performance of road transport in Europe, established a European method. Within the scope of the  Lean and Green programme, 300 companies and organisations have committed themselves to the reduction of 20% CO2 emissions. Through the cooperation of the two organisations there will be one uniform framework, based on the CEN prEN 16258 standard. A strong wish of transport and industry.
"This collaboration on sustainable freight transport in Europe is a logical step", according to Peter van der Sterre, "through this cooperation, Green Freight Europe and Lean and Green join their ambition to diminish CO2 emission from road transport." Nico Anten adds: "L ean and Green will focus on front running companies and will be the incubator for best practices on improving environmental performances throughout freight transport. Green Freight Europe will focus on monitoring, reporting and knowledge dissemination of these best practices to the European companies.  Therefore both programmes are complementary to  each other.
Members of Green Freight Europe and of  Lean and Green will benefit mutually from the two programmes.


Note by the editor

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