Review | Green Freight Europe Open Day 2014


Hörsching, 12th March 2014 – With the great support of Schachinger Logistik, this year’s host of the Green Freight Europe (GFE) Open Day and Annual General Meeting, an exciting, and for some eye opening, event was organized. An event to further promote sustainability efforts of the European transport sector. To show their commitment and to take home valuable knowledge to enhance efforts to decrease emissions, more than 70 companies from all over Europe came together.

Holding back innovation
Welcoming the guests, Max Schachinger stated that "cultural hubs and borders still hold back innovation on sustainability improvements." Highlighting the importance and need of change, keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Helga Kromp Kolb gave specific insight into climate change and its consequences for the transport sector. "The transport sector will face more extreme weather conditions and changing climate policies, both having an impact on economic development", making it necessary to act today.

Best Practice Sharing
Besides the monitoring and reporting of emissions, it is crucial to support companies in their endeavor to improve their carbon footprint. Participants had the opportunity to see firsthand what GFE members are doing to become more sustainable. Several workshops given on electric transport (e-Save and FREVUE), aerodynamics (WABCO), trailer design (HEINEKEN) and horizontal collaboration (Procter & Gamble) provided specific knowledge that in some cases can easily be implemented.

A step forward
Before the start of the GFE Open Day Mr. van der Sterre (GFE) and Mr. Radtke from EcoTransIT, signed a Memorendum of Understanding - paving the way for a strong partnership and future integration of the two initiatives.


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