New Partner in Poland - GFE and


Hörsching 13th March 2014 – During the Green Freight Europe Annual General Meeting 2014 a memorandum of understanding was signed with

Supporting GFE members
Both organizations, Green Freight Europe and via the Green Truck Campaigns  are focusing on improving environmental performances in freight transport. The Green Truck Campaign is focusing on improving the performances of individual drivers and GFE is providing tools and knowledge for carriers, lsp's and shippers. By combining the strengths of both initiatives, GFE members are given access to an even broader range of opportunities to decrease CO2 emissions from road transport.

New partner in Poland
Besides its commitment to support GFE member companies to improve their environmental performances, will also act as local partner for GFE in Poland. Businesses operating in Poland now have the opportunity to engage with GFE in their own language.

About's  Green Truck initiative aims to improve environmental performance in the  transport and logistics sector engaging companies to implement Eco driving solutions on daily basis.  The Green Truck Initiative offers coherent training routine for drivers and trainers, telematics systems as training support, reporting & system of motivation as well as a certification programme.

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