Green Freight Europe and Logistics Initiative Hamburg enter cooperation


Hamburg is part of the first division. For all, in logistics. To pave the way into the Euro League, the Logistics Initiative Hamburg has signed a cooperation agreement with Green Freight Europe.

Sustainability biggest challenge

The agreement was signed before the start of the First Spring Forum on Logistics - a new format designed by all working group heads of the logistics initiative with the focus of this year's theme "Logistics is breaking new ground ". Andreas Rieckhof, State Councillor of Transport in the economy Authority Hamburg welcomed the guests by stating that "the compatibility of individual and business traffic with the objective of sustainability is one of the biggest challenges that our city has to confront in the coming years ".

Innovative solutions
Before the start of the Spring Forum , Carmen Schmidt and Werner Gliem, Managing Directors Europe of the Hamburg Logistics Initiative signed a collaboration agreement with Peter van der Sterre, Secretary General  of Green Freight a collaboration agreement. Contents of this Agreement are, inter alia, the knowledge exchange and joint initiation of projects. The first joint project is a subsidy application to the European Union. The project focuses on developing innovative ways to reduce CO2-Emissions and logistic costs.

About the Logistics Initiative Hamburg
Launched by the EU with the GOLD label "Cluster Management Excellence" the Hamburg Logistics Initiative is aiming to strengthen and expand Hamburg's role as the leading logistics hub in Northern Europe, the State Ministry of Economic and Labour Affairs and Hamburg's business community established Logistics Initiative Hamburg. With more than 500 member companies and institutions from industry, trade, service and R & D and numerous public institutions, the Logistics Initiative Hamburg is the largest European site network in their industry.

A strong network to link the fields of business, science and research, enhancing Hamburg's profile as a logistics industry location in collaboration with the business development initiatives in the metropolitan region, and comprehensive knowledge transfer to support companies and promote innovation - these are the prime objectives. It operates in the fields of action " logistics friendly commercial areas and transport infrastructure", "Personnel and Training ", "Innovation and Technology ", "sustainability" and "location profile" .

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FLTR.:  Daniel Jaetsch, Prof. Dr. Peer Witten, Staatsrat Andreas Rieckhof, Björn Geib, Carmen Schmidt, Peter van der Sterre, Werner Gliem





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