GFE seeks linkage to EC CO2 reduction strategy


As part of the European Commission's development of a strategy for reducing CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles (HDV), the Directorate-General for Climate Action held a second and final stakeholder meeting on 3 July 2012 in Brussels.

As with the first stakeholder meeting, held on 22 February 2012, the aim was to gather input from stakeholders on the strategy, which is due to be adopted in 2013, in the context of the ongoing Impact Assessment.

Along with Green Freight Europe, a large number of HDV manufacturers, component suppliers, transport operators, logistics companies and NGOs, as well as a number of representatives of Member States, attended the event.

Stakeholders were invited to provide their views on:

  • The outcome of a public consultation held in 2011 on CO2 emissions from road vehicles;
  • The current development of a simulation tool to measure CO2 emissions from HDVs;
  • CO2 emission abatement cost curves for HDVs produced by CE Delft consultants;
  • Each of the main policy options to curb emissions currently examined by the Commission in the draft Impact Assessment.

The Impact Assessment is expected to be completed by the end of 2012.

Green Freight Europe has been recognised by the European Commission as an important initiative to work in parallel with its strategy for reducing CO2 emissions from road freight transport. GFE representatives will be meeting DG CLIMA officials in the coming weeks to update them on progress and identify where the GFE Programme can link to the EC strategy proposals to achieve their common goals.

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