The GFE-Team

Nik Delmeire, Managing Director

Since 1983, Nik has been active in the Supply Chain Management. He has an extensive experience in International Project management, projects in the area of transportation,  purchasing and warehousing. Furthermore, since 2007 he has been playing an active role with the Belgian Shippers' Council (OTM). Currently,holding the position as President of OTM and in 2014 was appointed as European Shippers' Council (ESC) Secretary General.


Peter Wolters

As from 1 July 2015, Peter Wolters has been officially engaged by the ESC. Peter Wolters was promoting intermodal transport and 'green' freight best practices on behalf of his previous employer European Intermodal Association the last 15 years. He participated in innovative horizontal bundling concepts for rail, road and waterborne transport and terminals.  His personal slogan has always been 'Turning sustainability into profitability'. Consequently, he will continue his career within the ESC serving the cargo owners (shippers) community asSustainability Business Development Manager.